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No, I’m not in charge of watching her and unless she’s under the bleachers I wouldn’t have seen her. Maybe you should check the sewers. 

Everyone hates you, Quinn. We totally don’t miss you and your attitude in Glee. Please don’t ever return to us. And by the way? Totally got head cheerleader in the bag.


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It was just an innocent question — no judgement from me either way. I’m not going to put a label on you if you that’s not what you want. 

Awesome. But I’m into guys. I’m straight. Nothing to see or hear from me. Just because you and Pixie-Boy Hummel insist on sprinkling your fairy dust everywhere you go, doesn’t mean it’s infectious.

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God, you’re so funny Santana that I almost laughed. Are the baby jokes ever going to get old because they’re pretty two years ago. You should work on some new material. 

I know, right? Anyway. Back to reality, do you know where Britt is? I’m getting withdrawal symptoms.

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Awesome. You’re here too. 

Don’t get too excited, Q’. Might raise your blood pressure. Now that you’ve had a baby, that’s easier done than said.

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Great. I can practically see the rainbow hovering about your head right now. The last thing we needed was someone else spreading their Faerie dust all over the place.


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Sorry, I haven’t seen her. I’ll let you know if I do.

…I don’t mean to be intrusive, so feel free to tell me if this is none of my business, but are the two of you, you know, together?

Brittany’s my best friend. Nothing more. We’re really close. I mean, that’s just the way it is.

Now, I realise the word ‘friend’ might be a stretch for you, but I’m not down with being labelled. Britt’s my home-girl. Yeah, she’s hot but we’re just friends. Platonic best friends.


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Not that you’re not attractive, Santana, but I promise I’m really not interested in you like that. No offense — you’re just not really my type. (Also, could you please not call Kurt a lady?)

Of course not. Because I’m most definitely known to be the nice chick around here.  No offence, Winkleby, but you’re not doing it for me either. Aside from that, do you know where Britt is? I think I need to watch a Disney movie with her.


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Hey, Santana! What’s up?

Boy Hobbit. I see you’ve found my page. Not that you’re not a stalker, because I’ve seen the way you look at Lady Hummel, but I’m guessing it’s because I’m extremely hot and Latina. That’s a turn on for most guys, regardless of their orientation.


Anonymous asked: "Have you done anything you regret?"

Well, anon. Auntie Tana can tell you she’s done many things that she’s regretted. Number one; sleeping with a loser with a mohawk. Now, how about you run along and try not let the door hit you on the way out?

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Ask Auntie Tana.

You Tumblr people? Suck.

You send anonymous questions to boring losers such as Berry, Sweet Porcelina and Finnosaurs the Blubber-rex. What does Auntie Tana get? A crap-load of nothing!

Now, I suggest you book up your lame-ass act and send me some nice, personal questions, else I might have to go all Lima Heights on your sorry selves.

I realise you all have a life who am I kidding? This blogging shit is addictive. but mine is so much more interesting. You’d all love to know about it, I’m sure. So, when you get your courage up, enough to ask me a question of your choice, direct it here.

And remember: there’s no limit on questions (or subjects). So get sending.

Lots of Love, Snixtana. xoxo

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